Getting Certified in eCommerce Strategy

Information presented by Experts in the Allume Group Community.

This series is built from a combination of thought leadership from industry experts and real-world brand and retailer experiences. You will gain comprehensive and impactful frameworks to bring you and your teams the knowledge needed to succeed in the complex commerce space.

In addition to helping individuals advance their careers, companies who engage their employees in continuous learning and career development opportunities will achieve improved retention rates, higher employee satisfaction, and better overall job performance.

Completion of the eCommerce Strategy Curriculum will earn you a Certification in eCommerce Strategy. This series of six courses is based on our foundational building blocks of the proven eCommerce Success Framework and ladder up into each foundational element. The courses below are in a specific order to optimize your learning journey. Let’s get learning!

Courses Included

This curriculum packages together our courses designed to empower eCommerce leaders. After completing this curriculum you will be Allume Group eCommerce Strategy Certified!

  • Set the foundation with "Marketplace Fundamentals & eCommerce Success Framework."

  • Discover a sustainable strategy with "Three D's of Category Management."

  • Learn about proper and accurate item set-up with "Content Best Practices."

  • Make sure your products are financially viable with "Mutual Profitability in eCommerce."

  • Understand the importance of being in stock with "Marketplace In Stock Fundamentals."

  • Know how to receive traffic and activity with "Retail Media Advertising Strategy."

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